Awareness for the consequences of bullying

Paying attention to the consequences of bullying is very important and creating awareness is also a crucial preventive tool. This is why it’s necessary to start correcting this bullying behavior at schools, to explain the possible consequences of bullying. By pointing to the subject of bullying and making it negotiable at a young age, we create an awareness of which we all benefit: the victim, the perpetrators and the bystanders. The week against bullying asks bulliers, victims, teachers, parents, brothers and sisters, our society to finally stop bullying. Let us keep this attention and try to identify the bullying behavior in an early stage. Let us not be afraid to face up to this behavior and to act against it so we can prevent the fact that a bullier becomes a workplace-asshole.

Aggression, violence and harassment
The consequences of aggression, violence and sexual harassment in the workplace need our attention. We need to address this in the week against work-related stress from 16-19th of November 2015. How often didn’t we agree to set our hands and our shoulders to this. Labor inspection, supervisor of complying the labor laws, is not enough. Appropriate punishing the bullying at school and penalizing aggression, violence and sexual harassment in the workplace is the protection a victim needs. To be to recover from this kind of work-related stress, recognition by punishing the perpetrator (and not the company) is necessary. We also don’t punish the entire school when a bullier gets his sentence, or do we…

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