The Caspian Times and AWH, pledge for the mass awareness on Workplace Harassment.

The Dutch organization AWH is globally active in creating awareness about sexual workplace harassment with its mission to create healthy and safe work environments. We are proud to announce that we are now able to reach out to the Eurasia region via The Caspian Times and Malik Ayub Sumbal in particular. The potential reach of this media network is tens of millions of people. People who are, like any other regions in this world, confronted with an unsafe workplace by sexual harassment on a daily basis.
AWH provides Caucasus and central Asia and worldwide area with her opinions and insights about sexual workplace harassment.

AWH has given lectures for universities in The Netherlands and Aruba, but also presentations in the United States. By cooperating and delivering researches for governments like Aruba, AWH has gathered very valuable information to help new countries and regions around the world. This new partnership with The Caspian Times is a start to help defining, recognizing and preventing sexual workplace harassment and to create more awareness.

The fact that the Netherlands has an ostrich-like policy about this subject, with a contra productivity of 4 billion Euros per year, is very typical. There is still a worldwide taboo on sexual harassment and the first step to break it, is by providing information and knowledge to create awareness and help victims to speak-up. When you want to break with a taboo like sexual workplace harassment you need public awareness, the public needs to have a common understanding of what sexual workplace harassment is and how it relates to a safe and healthy work environment.

If you would like to receive any further information about this new cooperation, please contact AWH via or Malik Ayub Sumbal via

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